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Curve Balls Are a Part of Life!

I always giggle when I see the memes go around that say something like God heard your plans and laughed! My most recent favorite is the one about signing up for the blessed and highly favored 2024 subscription instead of the trials and tribulations subscription from 2023. So freaking hilarious... but how real life is that, right?

This coming year is going to mean so much change for my family. I caution myself when I say we are retiring. I mean, my husband is retiring from one job, but he will quickly be on to the next. We have lived a very nomadic lifestyle over the past 15 plus years, and while I am thankful for that to slow down a bit moving forward, I also know that it will be a very strange adjustment. Like, will someone really not be telling me in a year or three to pack all of my belongings and move just to turn around and do it again?! What in the world will that even be like?!

Anyway, all of that being said, this means that right now we are in a season of life where there are so many unknowns. What will our finances look like in 6 months? Where exactly will we live? Will we get to finally travel and take uninterrupted family vacations? Will our extended family get to write our address in ink for the first time every LOL?!

While I sit and try to map out what Randy's career will look like in this next chapter... As I work to expand my brand and make a name for myself in one central location... As the kids being to make plans and establish themselves... I am reminded that my plans may not be God's plans. As a type A, semi-control freak, this is so scary for me. I know this is where faith comes into play. I have to let go. I have to be flexible and take many, many, many deep breaths along the way.

Recently, God and I have been having big conversations. Randy is always a little perplexed when I tell him that God and I have been talking. I know that can seem weird to some people. I kind of make it a point to talk to God like I would talk to one of my best friends. It makes it a personal relationship for me when I do that. The conversations have been very two-sided lately. Most of the time I will just start talking when I am in my car alone or something and just pray and talk outwardly. Lately, when I have been doing that I have been feeling a response. Not an audible response, just a feeling when I say particular things. Sort of like God confirming or denying the things we are talking about. One of the very real moments I had with him just a few days ago was an open conversation I was having about work. I was voicing my concerns about how the brand needed to go, what changes I felt needed to happen, and my frustrations about there being things in my business I just cannot expand while living in Alaska, because I cannot get certain items shipped here, etc. It was like He just shut my beak (also a recent meme I have seen HAHA) and shifted my thoughts in that very moment. It was like he was saying to me "Quit your complaining and let me do what I do." I then proceeded to bargain with God (BAHAHA, yes, I know that wasn't my finest moment)!! I was like, "Ok, Lord, I hear you. You want me to put you first in my business and if I do that, you will bless me and my family.... So, how about I will open the blog back up and take everything you are teaching me in this season and put it to paper to help others and while they are on the website they can still shop... does that work?!" Like, legit, this is the conversation I was having with God the other day. I was even laughing to myself because I thought, "Anna, really, are you trying to decipher God's plans!" HOWEVER, and even more funny than the craziness I just told you is the answer I feel like God gave me.... He said YES! I could be totally off, and God could be in Heaven laughing at my interpretation of what He actually said, but I felt Him saying YES! So, as I continue to pray through this journey we are on, I will hold up my end of the bargain and begin blogging or vlogging, depending on what's going on, about all of the things in our lives: work, homeschool, moving, travel, etc. If God shows me differently along the way, I will let you know! Until then, buckle up, it is going to be a crazy next year for our family! We are so happy to have to tagging along :)



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