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Feeling Overwhelmed?

I am a planner! I typically have Christmas shopping done by mid-late October. I have all of the Advent cards in their respective bags hung and ready to go for each day of December leading up to Christmas. I meal plan at least two weeks at a time. The list really does go on and on. However, this year, I am in a season of realizing that being a planner sometimes pushes the limit of being controlling. Yes, I said it... Sometimes I am controlling. It is completely unintentional, but there ya go... one of my many faults! November and December of this year have been so hard for me. I am starting back to work after nearly ten years of raising babies. The dynamic of our family is changing. Orders for a new duty station are supposed to drop after the first of the year, which means: moving to anywhere in the US or a few places overseas with a very short time frame to prepare, new house, new environment, etc.

I turned to my husband the other day and told him, "I feel like I am drowning."

I usually pride myself on keeping it all together, but this year I feel a bit out of control. Is anyone with me?!

I have been trying to piece it all together, figure out the why behind my issues. I truly just couldn't place my finger on it.

So, I let it all go. We have missed some of our Advent activities, we have eaten sandwiches for dinner more than I care to admit, family pictures have not been scheduled. Y'all, guess what? WE ARE ALL STILL ALIVE! The world has not turned upside down! Guess what else? I feel like I can breathe!

People teasingly call me "Super Mom." Although I have learned to take it as a fun compliment, it may subconsciously the reason I accidentally over do it sometimes.

This holiday season, I encourage you to sit back, look at all that is good around you, live life a bit more simply. BREATHE!

Hugs, Anna

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