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Journey to Alaska Day 3

Today the word of the day is stunning! We started off in Utah. We drove three hours to Park City (finding a petting zoo along the way at a gas station!!!) where we had lunch at a beautiful little park and then on to Wyoming and the tip of Idaho. WOW... just wow at how stunning the views are here. Our family saying has become, "You really don't know what you don't know." Simply meaning, in this case, we never would have known how amazing this particular part of the country was if we had never stepped out of our comfort zone!! We are SO blessed by this trip already. The cabins we are staying in are the cutest. Boys played on the playground with new friends, we made campfire pizza on the Coleman stove, and went out for farm fresh ice cream just down the street. Another incredible day is in the books!! Tomorrow -----> YELLOWSTONE!

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