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Journey to Alaska Day 5

Today was a cool day... the terrain wasn't much to speak about when we got out of the Yellowstone area, but it was it's own type of beautiful farm country. We did encounter some cow along the way. In fact, it was a family on horseback (with a truck and ATV) herding cattle from one pasture to the next by way of the two lane road we were on. I quickly grabbed my camera, which I have been keeping out on the seat beside me for reasons like these, and took photos of this herd surrounding our vehicle. The boys and I thought it was awesome! We had the windows down and were giggling and snapping shots. What we didn't know is that Randy's experience behind us was not quite as awesome. He called and asked us to pull over just after the herd passed... he seemed all kinds of flustered. Well, with good reason we learned. The cows decided to show him a little love as they went past (mind you, his arm was resting in the downed window) and pooped all over the side of his truck... AND THE ARM OF HIS SWEATSHIRT HE WAS WEARING!!! BAHAHAHAH!!! I mean... poor guy!!!

Anyway, we made it through all of that and on to Great Falls, home to the largest fresh water spring and super cool rainbow trout fish hatchery! I'm super glad we took the time to run by there. SIDE NOTES TO THE DAY:

* COVID test were completely very easily at Walgreens and we had results in like 3hrs.

* Randy took the boys swimming at the cool indoor pool with a slide at our hotel while I went to the grocery store to prepare us for going through Canada the following day. Apparently the water was frigid and Aaron began to turn blue all over. He insisted on going down the slide like the big boys and then he was made to get out and go get warm in the room LOL. Oh the joys of raising kids! Randy was super proud that he saved Aa's life :)

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