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Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil)

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been distant... life has been WHOA lately!! However, that doesn't mean I am not using my doTerra everyday!! I wanted to share something that Tea Tree (Melaleuca) has done for my family lately. PLEASE NOTE: I AM NOT A PHYSICIAN, THESE ARE MERELY MY REVIEWS ON WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN MY LIFE. My oldest son picked up Ringworm from somewhere and it was all over his head. Mostly it looked like a bunch of bleeding dots all over his head, but the doctor finally found one ring shaped circle and was able to diagnose. Most of you know that I go to the doctor for diagnosis,

and then I put the prescriptions in a drawer and forget about them LOL. As par for the Anna course, I did not fill the medicated shampoo Rx they gave us. Instead, I came home and mixed up a little coconut oil and Tea Tree and used a q-tip to apply to all of the spots on Bubba's head. The next morning the spots were completely gone. He immediately stopped itching and we have been ringworm free for two days! All it takes is a little research and a little caution (especially with kids). Just like most days, today I am thankful for doTerra!! Tell me your stories!!

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