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My Sugar Fast... thus far!

Oh friends, let me update you on all things "Sugar Fast." Today is day seven of Lent, which means day seven of my sugar fast. I decided to give up all processed sugar and eat very minimal natural sugar for the entire duration of Lent. Now, back story, anyone that knows me knows that Dr. Pepper is my favorite drink. I am a huge water drinker, always have been, but Dr. Pepper is my jam. I am not a huge "sweets eater" as far as hard candy, chocolate bars, etc. goes. However, I do love to bake/cook, and a lot of that comes with added sugar (even in places you didn't know it existed). So, when I say I decided to give up sugar, please understand that it was not a small feat. It was something I completely expected to crash and burn on. I was prepared for headaches, body aches, moodiness, irritability. I teasingly, but for their safety, forewarned my family of my ambitious idea and let them know that I was going to need them big time. I asked forgiveness ahead of time HAHA. So, here's the details:


I prepared. I read the preface of the book. I decided what was right for me and my body. I went grocery shopping ahead of time. I made a commitment.

The book is hardcore. It is called, "The 40-Day Sugar Fast" by Wendy Speake. Her intentions behind the book are to fast completely for 40 days. I knew right off the bat that was not what God had in mind for me. Sugar was my goal and the push I was feeling from God. I took what I knew and applied it. I also prepared myself for combat... I hate headaches, and every time I was pregnant and had to stop drinking caffeine I battled them viciously for the first week or so. I didn't want to do that! I also knew that my attitude was probably going to be a problem for the first little while... I didn't want that either. SO, I prepared for those things too. I decided that I was going to split my Plexus Pink Drink (Slim) in half for the first several days. I knew that it would help balance my blood sugar levels and prevent the headaches because it has a small amount of natural caffeine in it. I also prepared myself mentally. I didn't want my commitment to be my family's demise. So, I would check my attitude every morning while doing yoga and commit to having a good attitude regardless of how I was feeling. This is what my journey has looked like so far:

17th - 19th: I had No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa with my collagen first thing when I woke up while I was doing pray and yoga. Then, I split my Pink Drink and had half in the late morning and half in the late afternoon. I prepared a sugar free dinner for the family. Dinner was the only "meal" I had for the first three days and I ate lightly even then. Aside from having one small headache (my fault because I delayed my Pink Drink on accident) I never had a headache or any type of body aches or withdrawals. This was so huge for me! I did find myself more quiet during this phase.

20th-23rd: This is where things started to really change. Day four was like a turning point. I woke up cleaned the house, did laundry, exercised, my attitude was in check. I noticed that I was "feeling" great! Day five was a crash and burn kind of day. I woke up and was super emotional. I ran an errand and could not go home. I had to call my husband and ask him to grab the things I had purchased out of the back of my car and then let me go decompress away from the house so the kiddos did not see me melting. I try to keep my emotions in tact so this was a very hard morning for me. I'm sure my body was detoxing. I literally drove around the corner from our house to the edge of what used to be a creek, parked, and sobbed. I did so for only about 15-20 minutes and then I dried it up and came home. It was exactly what my body needed. I felt ready to conquer the world! Seriously! If I had to say (may ask my husband to chime in on this later), my attitude, marriage, parenting, exercise routine and work ethic have never been more on point.

Randy actually said to me, "If this is what happens when you don't have sugar, we are never letting you have sugar again!" NOT EVEN KIDDING! Hopefully I wasn't awful before, but he clearly likes this Anna better HAHA! Oh, and I also noticed yesterday that I didn't have my Pink Drink the entire day! I pray that means I am past the headache/blood sugar phase!

I know these may seem so minor to some, but for me it is HUGE! Crazy thing is, I feel great! I am planning to continue to intermittently fast (eating a small dinner only) throughout the rest of the journey and snacking on healthy things only if it is absolutely necessary to do so. That is what seems to work for me. I am running at least five times a week, doing yoga at least six and on occasion am doing kickboxing circuits with Randy during the day! My energy is pretty insane right now. I truly hope it stays this way!! OH, and how could I forget... I am the lightest I have been since before Vi was born (insert whoa emoji) HAHA! I have lost EIGHT pounds in seven days!! WHAT?!?!?! This was never about losing weight, but clearly my body need it!!

I will keep you guys posted as my journey continues! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING AND I AM SO BLESSED!

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