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Do you have a BFF or 7?

You know what I'm talking about... those people in your life that you truly can't function without. I'm not talking about someone you go to coffee with on occasion, someone you met in the grocery store and exchanged words. I'm talking about people that make you a better person. There is a Tauren Wells song that professes, "I'm fully known and loved by you..." and although I know the song is talking about God, it is true for best friends. They are the people that fully know you, all your messiness, all of your regret, all of your happiness, and even still, they genuinely love you! As a military spouse, friendships are super hard. Unless you are a true extrovert it's almost hopeless. You move, you are forced to meet people quickly (because who can function without a tribe, especially in our world), you develop friendships, and then you move again.

The boys and I were talking about friendships just the other day. They were expressing their frustrations about the fact that a family that we are close to had to move across the country right after Christmas. That move took one of their dear friends away. The question was asked, "Mom, are we supposed to just have one best friend?" To which I answered rapidly, "absolutely not!" I went on to explain:

I moved around a lot in my life, even before becoming a military spouse. Moving meant making new friends. My mom always taught me that no matter how long I was in one place that if I met a friend worth having then it was probably a friendship worth keeping. Friendships take hard work and they are constantly changing. I also explained to them that friendships go through seasons sometimes. It's unrealistic to think that every single week you are going to talk to every friend you have. That's what is so beautiful about BEST friends. They are there always. They are there when your life is crazy. They are there when you are going through a hard time. They are there when you don't want them to be, because sometimes you feel like shutting the world out but they are not going to let you be alone. They are there when you get married, when you get a promotion, or have babies. They love you all the time, not just when you have a spare minute to call. Oh, and my favorite part about having many best friends... they are all different. You have the outspoken one, the quiet one, the organized one, the one that is crazier than you are. The dynamic is AMAZING. So, to answer my boy's question... again I say, "absolutely not!"

I have been blessed beyond measure in my friendships. I have one best friend that graced me with her presence the day she was born (a cousin that is more like a sister) I have two best friends that I have had since elementary school and one that I met in high school. I have one that I met during college, and two that I met through the military. These women are my life lines. They are all beautiful and unique. They are all so special to me. None of them even live in the same state as I do. They are in Tennessee, North Carolina (2), Georgia (3), and Texas. Our friendships know no boundaries!! Encourage friendships in your life and the lives of those around you. Life is just better than way!!

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