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Who's Timing?

Do you ever feel like things happen and they are completely out of your control? I had this happen to me the other day and it did my soul so much good! I took my state exams for real estate a little over a week ago and y'all I was SO nervous. On my way to the exam testing site I called a friend. She had asked about homeschooling her little ones, and I just wanted to call and chat with her on my drive to ease my nerves a bit. She and I had the most amazing conversation. We talked about life, homeschooling, work, the test, etc. She told me a few things that will stick with me for the rest of my life, two things to be exact: (1) "God is so good at being God," and (2) "You are an inspiration and you are going to do great things."

So, I didn't really realize how nervous I was about that test until I called Jenni. While talking to her I just voiced my frustrations about how I felt like God was stonewalling me with real estate. I had a couple of situations with my final exam that happened that I couldn't control. The morning of my state exam I had a tenant that called and was extremely rude and disrespectful to me. When I got done dealing with that the dog started throwing up all over the house. Oh, and then, when I got to the testing site it started to pour snow and ice while I sat studying in the parking lot. I was feeling overwhelmed and asking the forever "not right question" of "Why God?"

Then Jenni said those things to me... things I desperately needed to hear. One of the other huge things that sticks out about our conversation was when she said, "Anna, have you ever thought that maybe this isn't God stonewalling you, but Satan trying to stand in your way of what God has for you?" WHOA! Talk about a God moment. "Ok Jenni, I see God in you" is what I thought to myself.

I was so calm and relaxed. I went in and dominated that state exam!! BUT, I honestly can say, I don't think I would have passed without having had that conversation on my drive in.

NOW, let me tell you the funny part of the story. Jenni is NOT the person that asked me about homeschooling, I just thought she was BAHAHAHA. In my defense, the other girls name is very similar. However, if I had called the girl that really had asked for my advice, I never would have spoken to Jenni.... God knew I needed her and HE allowed me to be confused LOL. So, after realizing she was not the person I was supposed to have called I sent her a text. It read something along the lines of "why in the world did you just let me go on and on about homeschooling?" To which she replied, "Because I had been asking other people about it and thought to myself "how the heck did she know I was curious about homeschooling?!" BAHAHAHAHA


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